corn soup

Originally uploaded by stephykay

I was thinking spicy corn chowder, but I decided I wanted sweet.

Started with a mirepoix (too many carrots, hence the orange specks), added raw corn kernels (which were of average sweetness), cooked that for a bit before adding milk and chicken stock (2:1 ratio), then finally peeled boiled potatoes. 30 minutes later I used the immersion blender.

1. I need to learn to cut corn off the cob without kernels flying around the kitchen.
2. The Le Creuset was too big for this dish, so it wasn’t that deep… so the first time I used the immersion blender, it wasn’t, well, immersed enough, so I made a bit of a mess.

Not too bad, but it still needs work. It’s not sweet enough! Perhaps Vidalia onions could make up for the average corn? And too much carrot in my mirepoix. The orange specks do match the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale I was drinking while cooking. Yum!


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