Last night on Top Chef Masters, one of the contestants made a chermoula sauce. I happened to run across a recipe for
haddock in chermoula sauce… I didn’t have enough parsley but I made up for it with extra cilantro. It’s worth revisiting for a future CSF delivery.


lamb meatballs

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Lamb meatballs seasoned with oregano and thyme, over whole wheat penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and (a very generous helping of) feta cheese. The meatballs were a bit too lamb-y; next time I would use 1/2 ground lamb and 1/2 ground beef.


The last two months have been pretty hectic. I did take a few food pictures here and there, and I’ll post a few of the more memorable experiments. I’ve been doing a bit more traveling, and since I often plan trips around eating and drinking, it just makes sense for me to include snippets of those excursions here.

I visited my family down in the Washington, DC area in April. I had my first Five Guys burger when we saw the LA Dodgers play the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. I’m not convinced that they are better than In N Out, but I look forward to having a side-by-side comparison. Note: I had the single patty at Five Guys and I only eat the single patty at In N Out, so yes, I am trying to minimize the variables in this experiment.

While I was in DC I also had sushi at one of my family’s favorite restaurants, beer at Dogfish Alehouse (no, it’s not the brewery, but the beer is less than two hours away from the beach), a cocktail tasting/pairing at the Columbia Room, and yet more sushi.

Finally, the fish tacos at Gordon Biersch are surprisingly good. Obviously not the same as a taco truck taco, and not a Baja Fresh fish taco, and an entirely different creature from a La Verdad fish taco, but a good chain restaurant choice (and of course there’s the good chain brewpub beer). And Gordon Biersch is everywhere… except in New England, of course.