Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today, we drove 65 miles to meet Indigo, our newly adopted puppy. No, it wasn’t our local animal shelter, but it was a short trip compared to the 1,500 miles Indigo had traveled to meet us! But thanks to Petfinder and Mutts 4 Rescue, we were able to find the Australian Cattle Dog pup that we were waiting for… even if she was in Louisiana.

Someone had found Indigo’s mother, Gracie, very pregnant and very alone, and had taken her to the humane society in central Louisiana. There she was able to get the care that an expectant dog needs. Gracie delivered a litter of six pups on April 24, 2010, including our little girl, Indigo. Indigo and her siblings were cared for and fostered by a family in Louisiana.

Here’s Gracie (who I am happy to report was also adopted):

Here is Indigo at eight weeks old. We knew we were taking a chance by adopting a dog before we could meet her. But how could you say no to this face?

Mutts4Rescue coordinated Indigo’s trip with Rescue Road Trips, an organization which transports rescues from the south to New England. Volunteers regularly make the long drive between Texas and New Hampshire, picking up adoptees along the way, and care for the pups while delivering them to their new families. Several of Indigo’s littermates were adopted by other families in Massachusetts, too, so she had plenty of company on her trip.

Indigo – now Hobie – joined our little family, and was all smiles from day one.

Hobie‘s a little more grown up now, but she’s still just as mischievous and lovable as she was as a puppy!



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