Spicy pork stew with hominy and collard greens

Like so many others, I have a package or two of Rancho Gordo dried hominy in my cupboards. I’m happy to pay a premium for their products, which are superior to the dried beans you’ll find at most markets, both in taste and in heritage. That said, I found myself throwing a bag or two of hominy into my shopping cart every time I placed an order… so that when we moved from DC to Baltimore, I found four bags of hominy in the cupboard.

Fortunately, Melissa Clark had the same problem. She soaked her hominy overnight before combining it with cubed pork butt in a dried chile, cumin, oregano, and adobo base with lager to create a stew. Amateur Gourmet had a follow-up, which was essentially the same, but here they used Stella Artois.

Recreating this at home, we used boneless pork ribs*, skipped the beer, and substituted kale instead of collard greens. It was a hearty meal, worthy of a chilly winter night.


*If you live in an area with a high density of football fans, don’t plan on having a wide selection of meats available at your local grocery store over the weekend.


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