Who’s the bad guy here?

I was reading Peter Gammons’ PEDs’ Lasting Impact on the MLB Postseason this morning. It’s a quick blurb, and the issue is worth acknowledging. I give him credit for mentioning Manny Ramirez’s PED use, and how it helped his beloved Red Sox. No mention of Big Papi, of course. But what really caught my attention:

we don’t know if, indeed, the chemists have figured out how to mask whatever they’ve concocted

a) You don’t need to “mask” something if people aren’t looking for it. 

b) I find the idea of a “concoction” amusing. Chances are, whatever the PED du jour is, it’s probably a marketed drug which has some unexpected, beneficial side effects. You don’t really think people were specifically looking for ED treatments when they created Viagra, do you?

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