I recall seeing this recipe for chicken with kale and lentil-freekeh pilaf in Bon Appetit last year. But I had yet to see freekeh at the grocery store, so I moved on. 

Fast forward to this summer, when I found freekeh at Wegmans. It takes 40 minutes to cook, but like many grains, it’s low maintenance. I now cook it in my rice cooker. For this dish, I cooked the lentils separately, since I was worried that they would become mushy if cooked with the freekeh. You can then spend those 40 minutes prepping the rest of the dish. 

The vinaigrette is lovely, and really makes the dish since the rest of the pieces are minimally spiced. As the recipe states, you will have leftover vinaigrette, which you can toss with mixed greens the next day. That said… since the vinaigrette is really the star of this dish, you could easily forgo the lentil-freekeh pilaf for another pilaf of your choice, since the freekeh isn’t critical. We are particularly fond of Kashi’s 7 Grain Pilaf.


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