journal articles for errrybody!

This is an amazing new tool for research at any level: Unpaywall officially launched yesterday! Unpaywall is a free web-browser extension that trawls for free-to-read, legal versions of paywalled papers! Although I am very lucky to have institutional and academic access to many electronic journals, I know many people who do not, or are tied to IP-specific licenses.

LSE Impact Blog: Announcing Unpaywall: unlocking #openaccess versions of paywalled research articles as you browse. More on other open access services, and a greater discussion of where open access stands today. This paragraph is key: “Unpaywall doesn’t just help researchers, but also people outside academia who don’t enjoy the expensive subscription benefits of institutional libraries…. It helps journalists, high school students, practitioners, and, crucially, policymakers, who don’t usually have subscription access to the fact-based research literature. There has never been a time when unlocking facts has been so important.”

Nature’s take: Unpaywall finds free versions of paywalled papers: New tool joins a growing collection of software for accessing fee-for-view scientific literature. Nature also covers other open access services which are at various levels of development. OAbot sounds especially interesting, as it will provide papers cited in Wikipedia entries.

Unpaywall is going to be a tremendous boon to research in all fields.


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