You have Unpaywall. Now what?

Now that you can access more journal articles, what next?

Four tips for reading a scientific paper: This is a very basic introduction. If you’re brand new to reading scientific literature, start here.

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper: This has some great tips from people who read scientific journals on an everyday basis. I liked this comment on where to start: “Generally, I start with the corresponding editors’ summaries…. Next, I check to see if someone wrote a News article on the paper. Third, I check to see if there is a Perspective by another scientist.” Don’t overlook the “News” and “Perspective” pieces from journals like Science and Nature.

How to read a paper: Skip down to the bottom and start with “What to Read”. Don’t overlook following citations, both forwards and backwards. And consider searching for a particular author/researcher when you know his or her work is relevant to your interests.


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