“Clean up, clean up, clean up!”

The sounds of Kai’s singing always bring a smile to my face, and it’s a pleasant surprise when, unprompted, he starts his “clean up” song and picks up after himself. After another round of “clean up, clean up, clean up!” the jargon begins, and I’m lost. His singing is just for his own purposes now, and not to entertain his mother.

Kai’s speech development has always been a little on the slow side. The pediatrician recommended, on more than one occasion, that we have him evaluated by a speech therapist. The first evaluation was by an early intervention therapist; she said that while he did not qualify for subsidized speech therapy, she did feel that his development was lagging. After a few months (which is an eternity at his then-age), we took him to see another speech therapist. She asked him questions, which he acknowledged with soft sounds or pointing. As soon as she left the room, he answered all of her questions, but just with mom and dad. He just wanted it to be the three of us.

As he returns to “clean up, clean up, clean up!” I join in, both in the singing and the cleaning. He’s happy to hear me singing along, and a smile lights up his little face. But then the jargon begins again, and I’m lost again.


One thought on “sing

  1. Thanks for sharing this moment of connection and joy. I was especially touched by the bit about him wanting to share his answers with just the 3 of you. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to constantly have to “perform” for therapists and other professionals.

    Jeannie (your next-door-neighbour at #23 in FMF today)

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