Passing drugs through passionate kisses?

This story is wild, and I can’t stop thinking about it:

“The case of the passionate-kissing sprinter is settled: An American Olympian’s novel defense is successful in an unusual doping dispute”

An athlete passionately kissed his girlfriend not long after she sprinkled probenecid on her tongue. He gave a urine sample three hours later, and tested positive for probenecid.

I have so many questions; some of which we can answer, but there are also areas that may be lacking in studies. What’s the urinary excretion profile for probenecid? Would it really show up in a urine test three hours after oral administration? What is the detection limit for probenecid and how sensitive is the testing lab’s analytical equipment? How much probenecid was transferred from her tongue to his mouth? Didn’t she drink a glass of water after emptying the capsule onto her tongue? How much probenecid would remain in her mouth after that? Just how, um, passionate of a kiss would lead to this??